In January, city leaders unveiled plans for an overhaul of the Denver Zoning Code’s residential use regulations that govern group living. MAAH supports these changes, known as the Denver Group Living Project, because they will increase housing opportunities, flexibility, and affordable options for all Denver residents.  

More specifically, these changes will

  • Increase the number of unrelated people allowed to live together, as the current legal limit of two unrelated individuals is outdated and unnecessarily limits affordable living options;
  • Categorize residential care and group living homes by size rather than the type of facility or services being provided to advance people’s ability to live in places accessible to transit, jobs, and other community-based services;
  • Standardize permitting processes and regulations, which will provide needed clarity around establishing and regulating different group living uses (including community corrections, sober living, co-ops and tiny homes) and better enable existing facilities to grow with community demands; and 
  • Require service providers to organize community information meetings before applying for larger sized residential care uses, to provide space for questions and education, build relationships in the community, and give neighbors a voice in the process.

More information about the proposed changes can be found on the City’s Group Living Rules Update project site and the presentation, “Group Living Code Amendment.”

MAAH will continue to advocate to the City Council that the rules that govern group living need to be updated for housing flexibility and affordability so that housing access can be improved for all.